It’s a theme that runs through everything we have said in Tradebot over the last few years: small businesses are at the heart of the economy.

While particular sectors have tended to receive more support, particularly in terms of advertising, marketing, and technology support,  those businesses in the trades and contracting sector have had limited tools available to allow them to make the most of the new digital economy.

Tradebot was established to reduce the barriers to access to high-performance marketing communications technology.

In the past few years, we have helped hundreds of small, independent businesses with our chatbot technologies.

Seeing the positive effect we have had on their bottom line has been amazing, as has been hearing about how our clients are making the most of the additional free time our tools have created for them.

While every new business aims to make money, the team and I are also proud of our other successes with softer metrics. Whilst it is no secret, we also personally experienced the sacrifices small business owners make, particularly around the times missed with family and friends.

Financial shortfalls and losses can be recovered from, but the important times missed out with others cannot be regained.

As such, when our earliest users told us not only was Tradebot helping to get them more new business but was helping to save time which they were then able to spend with loved ones, it became a hugely important part of our motivation.

Establishing and leading the team at Tradebot has been challenging but hugely rewarding. I have been lucky to meet and work with a global team over the past years.

The past number of years have been challenging for many small businesses, and we took the decision at the start of the pandemic to put the weight of team Tradebot behind supporting our clients and their peers to weather that storm, and to emerge stronger on the other side.

However,  the current Tradebot business model is no longer feasible in our home market. In late 2021 we began to review the options available to us, and following significant customer support planning, we are now in a position to take the next steps. As such, Tradebot’s Irish parent company Independent Performance Exchange is now entering a period of orderly closure.

Over the past number of months, James/Hasan has supported existing customers and this support resource will continue until further notice.

Please contact James/Hasan directly if you would like to discuss your options in more detail.

The team at Tradebot will provide further updates on our social & over the upcoming week.

As a lean start-up Tradebot has worked closely with remote contractors to build our products and operate our business.

These services offered by this core team have previously been available on a limited, consultancy basis to our clients.

As the business founder, I am happy to endorse the Tradebot teams’ direct services, (including sales, support, marketing, and technology services) all of which are available directly from each team member in their contact details. Many of our clients have had business problems solved efficiently & efficiently with these services.

Just as chatbot technology was just available to large companies, so were remote contracting services. I would strongly urge any business with a problem, question, or idea in the digital space to contact the relevant team member via the Team page.

I would like to thank all of Tradebot’s clients, partners and those who have helped and supported us over the past few years.

Thank you,
Austin Gleeson, Founder.

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