Tradebot Ireland’s parent company is closing.

We are entering the process of closing Tradebot’s parent company IPX. We are will continue to provide support and Tradebot business updates on all our channels.

James/Hasan will continue to be your primary contact for escalated queries over the next several months.

Thanks to all the customers & partners we have worked with over the last number of years. For more info click here.

Austin Gleeson, Founder.

Some words from the rest of the team, and next steps…

James (Hasan) Kelly
James (Hasan) Kelly Head of Customer Success

Thank you to all of my dear customers, it has been a deepest pleasure to work with you. I will be available to support our existing customers for the following months.
I am now also availble for contract remote agent work. Contact me here!

Mu Awais
Mu Awais Co-Founder & CTO

Our team has been privalaged to work with many strong Tradebot clients, proudly saving them a lot of time and money.
Please connect with me & my team.

Ryan (Sourav) Smith
Ryan (Sourav) Smith Head of Digital Marketing

Working with the IPX & Tradebot team has given us the most fulfilling experience of growing professionally while helping small businesses to thrive online. I look forward to supporting small businesses in the future, please connect for more information.

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