Maybe you are a social media wizard and know your snaps from your stories, but like a lot of small business owners, our time is too limited to keep up with all things social media.

But that’s a mistake.

Short form video social media (think a few seconds, filmed on your phone with no fancy editing) are where the real growth in social media is coming from.

While joining and creating content for new social media platforms take resources, and it can be easy to discount the new ones we and our peers don’t use as purely being for young people. By not having your business on these platforms, you are missing out on connecting with new customers in a space with little competition.

A great example of this is Snapchat.
You might not have heard of it, or think it’s for kids with weird dances or other, weirder (ahem) pursuits.

But like every other large reach social media platform, as it grows its user base gets older. And with competition on other social media platforms driving up the price of advertising,  large brands are moving to Snapchat making the content more mainstream and appealing to wider audiences.

The great thing about platforms like Snapchat is that what you do on site if perfect for the platform. Be it a jobs’ work in progress, before and after or just playacting on site, they are all the great content your account needs.

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