Looking For Free Tools & Resources to Brand Your Trades Business?

Whilst building Tradebot we have found some quality free resources online to help you create a new brand or update the existing brand of your trades business, so whether you are a new plumber looking for a new .PNG, a joiner looking for a new .JPEG, a cleaner looking for clipart as a growing professional business, you know that branding is really important to help your company stand out and win customers attention and these free resources can help you! To help trades business manage the increasing and changing taste of consumers it’s important you have a range of professional logos, images, videos and graphics for your business’ brand. This is more important, but also, easier than ever. With the increasing market and global reach of the internet, the need to make your brand as professional-looking is greater now than ever. Your reach is boundless and thus, you have to create an impression that can help you win more business. One that consumers can identify, understand and recommend. A brand isn’t there to help your business, it’s there to help your customers.

“Design is the silent ambassador of your brand” – Paul Rand

Interestingly, though there is a wide array of choices for consumers today, brand affinity still works wonders with them. This is why whatever you do, you have to pay attention to building a brand that is appealing. This appeal begins with the eyes and that means good logos, graphics, colours, fonts, and images. Today, not only products are branded, services too. If you offer professional home services like plumbing, carpentry, window cleaning, or any other service that is vying for customers attention you can need a brand, not just a business name. And you definitely should do this to move your business to the next level.
Free resources that can help you build an exceptional brand… As an electrician, chimney sweep, tiler,  or any other home services provider, you already have a business. If you are looking to grow your business, and you know how important having a good brand is to help attract customers and make your business stand out, then these resources we are about to share with you will definitely help your business.We have built a list of 6 great free resources to help you create a great new brand for your business, one that will appeal to your customers and keep you ahead of your competition. As long as you have average tech skills, you can easily use these resources to improve your brand. ​ These are free resources that will help you create your own custom logo and brand design in no time.
CANVA This is probably the first tool you may want to try. It is a free, easy to use tool that offers a wide range of features and functionality that builds a great brand. With Canva, you can create a variety of engaging content to keep your brand alive and your customers satisfied. It will help your business overcome the challenges of producing engaging content and consistency in content production. What can you do with Canva? Canva offers a variety of options. You can create logos, posters, flyers, business cards, ads, social media image, documents, presentations, invitations, marketing materials, header templates and just about any content type you desire. If you like, you can easily create a “custom project”. It offers tons of images to choose from and allows you to upload your photos from your device. With the photo editor, you can tweak your images with filters, tints and more. It also features a drag and drops functionality and search, these allow you to find the image and include it to your content. Meanwhile, you get to choose the perfect type of font (to spice up your content) from the hundreds of fonts available. Additionally, with Canva, you can collaborate with others on your design by sharing it and allowing them to either edit or make comments.
PIXABAY When creating a brand design, you will definitely need photos and graphics, Pixabay is a one-stop for creative and copyright-free images and videos. It is special because you won’t need to ask for permission to use these images or videos. Also, you won’t need to give credit to the artist when you use it for commercial purposes. This is because, at Pixabay, the contents are released under Creative Commons (CCO).What can you do with Pixabay? There are numerous (over 1 million) images and videos available here and you can copy, modify, distribute and use these images as you please. You can find pictures in almost any category you want – animals, education, building, emotions, craft, music, travel etc. What’s more? Pixabay is multi-lingual.
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SESSIONS COLOR CALCULATOR The Sessions Color calculator is an interactive color wheel. It can help you select HTML, RGB, or CMYK colors that allows you to build a really visually appealing colour palate. It also identifies colour harmonies and schemes.What can you do with Color calculator? It helps you identify harmonious color schemes to use so that the colors on your website blend beautifully. If you have one or two colors you already use in your branding, but want to add some more, you can input your current colors and this free tool will give you a visual list of other options that will help you build out a more extensive, and customized color palate for your logo, business cards or invoices.While at it, you can adjust saturation and lightness to get the best effect. This color wheel is the fastest color wheel you will find.​
HTML COLOR CODES Maybe you have a brand color, or colors, but you don’t know what the right code for that color is. Well, that’s where HTML Color Codes comes to the rescues. There’s a lot of ways potential customers interact with your business, from the logo on your way, flyers, newspaper adverts to your website, so it’s important your branding looks good and look consistent across all of your comms. It can be easy to go with a color that looks right, but when a color is out just a little bit, it creates a poor business image in the mind of the customer. If they are paying to do a job right, they want to know you get every last detail right! To help you get that consistent look, you can upload an image of your logo to HTML Color Codes and it will give you the colour codes for that image. What can you do with HTML Color Codes? You can find the best HTML color codes to use. By using features like the color charts, color picker, color names, color from image and color group pages, to make your website more colorful and appealing.
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FONT SQUIRREL For high-quality fonts, Font squirrel is your best bet. Apart from usefulness, font style is a key factor that can make the difference between regular content and great content.What can you do with Font squirrel? You can choose from the millions of fonts available on Font squirrel to use on your site or content. With the font identifier, you can identify unknown fonts by simply uploading an image of the font. You can also create your own font. Isn’t that amazing?Now you have it, all the precious tools you need to bring a fresh feel to your brand and new experience for your customers, as you offer your carpentry, plumbing, interior decor or any service at all.
Iconarchive This particular tool is a quick stop for all the icons you will need for your brand. It provides over half a million icons that are supported by operating systems like Mac, Linux, and Windows. What can you do with Iconarchive? For starters, Iconarchive makes things easier when working on your website and graphic design. It is also great for saving, organizing and sharing your favourite icons. Amazingly, you wouldn’t need to login to do these.
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YOU HAVE A GREAT NEW BRAND, DON’T WASTE IT… With a fresh brand design that appeals to customers, there is one more thing to do, customize your website and make it more appealing to visitors. It’s a shame to do all that work, and not to turn your website visitors into leads! Get a free trial of Tradebot, your 24/7 digital salesman, always ready to automatically chat to website visitors, creating a better, more professional experience for them and more qualified news business leads for you! So, if you are that plumber looking for a .PNG, a cleaner looking for colour code, or a gardener looking for a GIF, Tradebot is designed specifically to help your business grow and succeed! Finally, now that you have your new logo and fresh brand, you’re ready to take your business to the next level. So, why not stand out to your potential customers even more with a personalized Tradebot for your business. Like all the tools above, you can use it free for 30 days to see how it can help your customers and you.