Quick Tips To Help Your Trades Business Save Time

One of the biggest challenges of tradespeople & small business face is time management.

You can get so much caught up in your quest to get ahead that you only a little time get to work on the books or to get the right work on the books.

Running a trades or small services business requires great expertise and dedication, you are looking after the job, managing a team and then home to handle the admin.

Running your own trades and contracting business can be exciting and terrifying, but the one thing it always is is time-consuming. Wouldn’t it be great to have a little bit more time to help the kids with their homework, have a night out with your partner, or maybe even spend an evening catching up with old friends?

“Nothing in business is so valuable as time” – John Henry Patterson

If you are looking to get more free time as a tradesman business owner, consider the following tips:

You Need To See A Professional

Most tradesman business owners tend to believe they can handle almost everything, but the reality is the opposite.  You will most likely need professional help in some aspects of your tradesman business, especially those places you tend to get stuck.  So, bring the professionals in to help.  An accountant will do well in managing your books, or an SEO professional to help you get more traffic to your website.

You do you, might be a bit of a trendy meme, but really you know you shouldn’t waste time on things you are not good at.

Avoid ridiculous jobs

The first thing you learn when starting in business for yourself is that time is money. You don’t have to work on piddly jobs that are not worth your time.  For example, driving for more than an hour to a €30 gig isn’t worth it.  Likewise, avoid clients once you can smell the least iota of trouble from afar, you know the ones, always looking to scrimp and save cents on every item.

While this can be a tough call to make, especially when starting out, making it will create a free space in your schedule, which can be invested in other more profitable jobs.

Plan Your Driving

Tradespeople tend to find that a lot of their time is spent in the van. That time can be spent catching up on paperwork at 7 or 8 PM before you go in-home, but more likely it is time spent driving to & from jobs.
​Sometimes you hop in the van you just get to where you are going by instinct, but taking a little bit of time out to plan the driving you are going to do for the week you will save valuable minutes which will quickly add up. One of the simplest ways to do this is to try schedule in jobs and visit suppliers around the closest locations.

It’s a Family Affair

Chances are you spend only a little time with your family as a tradesman. This situation can improve if you involve them in the business, although this will depend on how old your kids are or what your partner can, or is willing to do.  By bringing them in, you can always have them close to make things easier and faster.
How about letting your partner handle the quoting? Or your kids getting the tools into the toolbox at the end of the day? They probably have their faces buried in a computer or tablet most evening, so why not get them to manage your website?

Look At The Cloud

You cannot avoid dealing with paperwork and admin as a tradesman business owner. However, with the cloud, it becomes easier to keep track of quotes, invoices, new business leads and receipts.  Likewise, account sorting becomes a piece of cake, rather than running after your staff to deliver their timesheets.

How about getting a free trial of Tradebot and see how we can help you weed out the time-wasters, plan out your driving and provide you with a little bit more help to save your trades and contracting business save time.