The Best Places Online To Chat With Other Trades People

Working as a professional tradesman can be quite overwhelming and complicated. Sometimes, the demands and pressures of the profession can get the best of you if you work in complete isolation. Having access to a group of fellow Tradesmen for professional help and companionship is one of the best ways of making the job easier and fun. And one of the fastest ways to do this is via online forums.

Online forums have been a popular meeting point for Tradesmen and Contractors to get quick and easy access to tips and resources. But over the years, these platforms began to lose their focus and effectiveness.

Through the rise of social media sites like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and other viral apps, the landscape has been massively disrupted. It has turned most hitherto resourceful online forums and chatrooms to nothing but funny pics sites and trolling zones.

Though this has made finding a professionally focused online forum a hard task, locating a good forum that meets your need is still possible, and this article seeks to help point you in the right direction.

Compiled in this article is a list of some of the best and most feature-packed online forums targeted towards serious Tradesmen and Contractors. If are looking for a community of tradesmen that you can rely on for solid resources, then you are at the right place.
A key thing to put in mind when choosing a forum is that sticking to the rules stipulated on these sites is of great importance if you don’t want to get rejected or banned.

One of the most important rules to uphold – that is common among most of these online forums – is keeping your posts to the boards relevant to the topic of the site. If you stick by this, you will have a great experience on these sites.
Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best online forums for Tradesmen and Contractors that you can begin signing up to.

Painters Pit Stop:
This site which aptly refers to itself as “the international painting and decorating community forum” is an online forum that has about 1,800 members that meet to talk about nothing else but painting and décor. If you are into that line of trade, then Painters Pit Stop is for you.

Talk Electrician Forum:
Talk Electrician forum is a UK originated online forum of Electricians that boasts 29,500 members and a topic count of about 37,852.

Some topics discussed on this board includes (but not limited to) Electrician’s & electrical jobs, Electrician apprenticeships, computers and networking, green renewable energy, plumbing, and students learning.
If you are interested in any of these topics, you need to check the Talk Electrician Forum out.

Dry Wall Talk:
Dry Wall Talk is an online forum that is focused on the contractor community. With a membership count of 9,673 contractors, it is definitely a platform worth registering with if you are a contractor in the wall painting industry.
The website has a blog where helpful industry tips are shared, as well as a “recent projects” section where some recent works by professionals are featured. You can find out more about this resourceful contractor forum here.

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The Plasterer’s Forum:
This forum is strictly a community of people into the plastering line of work. The Plasterer’s Forum provides a meeting point for plasterers to meet and share ideas on the trade. It also contains information on courses centred on plastering, as well as a room where contractors can hire the service of plasterers.

HVAC Site:
This is a forum that is centred on the HVAC profession. The site provides useful tips on how to service and maintain HVAC systems, as well as posts the latest news coming from the HVAC world. Read more about the site here.

Roofers Club:
As the name suggests, this is an online meeting point for professionals in the roofing business. The site has topics on both commercial and residential roofing.
Roofers Club also has a dedicated chat room for Questions and Answers. Are you a roofer looking to link up with like-mind professionals to share your experiences and/or advance your knowledge?  To check out the Roofers Club, click here.

Plumbing Forums:
This is another resourceful site that brings plumbing professionals together to rub minds on any and everything plumbing.
With a membership count of over 10,000, this forum is a very active forum of plumbers that meet to talk on topics like general plumbing help, latest plumbing tools, plumbing building code, project display and much more.
If you in the plumbing profession, this is one site you need to check out. Plumbing forums can be found here.

Plumbing Zone:
Plumbing Zone, as the name suggests, is an online meeting point for professionals in the plumbing line of trade. The forum is dominated with posts centered on plumbing, and with over 31,000 members and 576,506 posts, this is your go-to point should you need help on anything plumbing. Interested in checking them out? Click here.

While this is a list of top online forums where you can meet and connect with other professionals in your line of trade, note that there are other awesome places online where you can also meet and rub minds with your colleagues in the trade.

One of such platforms is slack. Slack, an online collaboration application with instant messaging abilities does contain some communities dedicated to meeting and connecting with fellow tradesmen. You can find a comprehensive list of top slack communities here.

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Another great where you can easily link up with Contractors and Tradesmen is Reddit. Here are some popular Reddit subs you can follow: Reddit for plumbers, for roofers, for electricians. When you land on the page, search for your relevant profession and you will find something for you.

Lastly, you can turn to Discord Servers in your search for an online gathering of contractors and tradesmen. Listed here is a comprehensive outline of all servers available on Discord Servers.